Will I have to pay a sales tax?

PUMA METHOD products purchased from and shipped to California, USA are assessed a sales tax.

At this time our current sales tax is 8%.  The sales tax is calculated based upon the subtotal.  The subtotal includes all the products (Puma Method DVD and/or Download), shipping and handling.  Of course, there is no shipping and handling  for the Download.  This Download provides the quickest delivery and the most frugal purchase.  The Download is particularly advantageous for international customers.

We know you may have some questions before placing your order for the PUMA METHOD video, so we created this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you get answers. If you have another question please click back to return to the FAQ page. If you have a question that isn’t mentioned in the FAQs please contact us.

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pumadminWill I have to pay a sales tax?