How much time does it take to do the exercises?

On average, the exercises should take only 15 minutes per day.

The Puma Method habituation exercise program is tailored by the individual to match their sensitivity to the causes of their motion sickness.  The rapidity with which they become habituated is also unique to each person. One additional variable is the ability to do the exercises correctly and efficiently and is different for each person.  These variables make it difficult to state a precise time required to perform the exercise program on a daily basis.  We believe that 15 minutes per day for only two weeks will provide most individuals adequate protection for mild to moderate motion sickness producing activities.  Tolerance level will increase with continued performance of the habituation exercises.  The person will reach a maximum of protection at an individually specific point and no increased protection will be gained by additional performance of the exercises.   If the Puma Method habituation exercises or provocative motion sickness activities are not performed occasionally, the level of protection will very gradually decrease over time.  An abbreviated, short repeat of the habituation exercises will boost the tolerance to previous levels.  There appears to be a templet that is stored in the brain that facilitates the re-habituation process.

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pumadminHow much time does it take to do the exercises?