PUMA METHOD for the Prevention of Motion Sickness – Video Download

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PUMA METHOD video download, PDF Reference Guide and PDF Daily Exercise Log.

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The PUMA METHOD is available by video download. Along with the video download you will also be able to download as a PDF the Reference Guide and Daily Exercise Log which will remind you of the order in which the exercises are done and help you track your progress in overcoming motion sickness.

ATTENTION iPHONE AND iPAD USERS: If you are having difficulty downloading the video, please go to the confirmation email that was sent to you and find the link to the video. Please click the link after “Download 2” that says “Puma Method Video .MP4 for iPhone and Android“.

In a few moments, you will see a video icon and name, and some options to open it in a program of your choosing. If you do not see a program you wish to open the video with please click “More…” and this will bring up some more options on your device. When you scroll down, one of these is “Save to Files”. Click this and you can save the video to a file directory of your choosing on your device. After you have done this navigate to that folder and the video will be there. The main folder for this is usually “Files”.

*Note there will be no indication that the video is being downloaded after you select the directory you wish to save it to but it will download.